How to charter ?

Every charter broker has access to the same list of yachts at their list price, but what is important is the knowledge and experience about both yachts and destinations.

Our charter specialists are available to assist and guide you in selecting the best yacht according your wishes and needs, complete the booking process and paperwork and prepare your charter itinerary and preferences in a tailor-made approach.

What's most important for us is to understand your needs so that we can perfectly tailor your charter:

  • Who will be going (how many cabins required, children, etc.),
  • Where do you want to charter (where will you be flying into, sites you want to see),
  • What type of yacht do you want (Motor, Sail, Classic or Modern also),
  • What is your approximate budget,
  • When will you be wanting to charter (the more specific the dates the better),
  • Why are you chartering (Holiday, Event, Family Gathering, Business Meeting).

According these informations, we will build the best selection of yachts to choose from, matching your wishes. Book well in advance of the trip date (usually 6 to 8 months before the charter) is highly recommended so there is a wider choice of possibilities including the most cost effective yachts and early booking deals opportunities. With our detailed knowledge of each yacht we will answer all your questions, we will help you to finalize your choice and establish a proposal including all taxes, costs and expenses.

Once your choice finalized, we will prepare the MYBA charter contract that is designed to standardize charter terms and protect the Charterer, the Owner and the Agent/Broker. It has standard protections and escalation clauses in case any problems arise and we will be happy to discuss with you the standard MYBA contract terms in detail. Signature of the contract usually comes with payment of 50% of the charter fee, with balance and APA due one month before charter. The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) system has been developed to facilitate the management of expenses. The Charter Operator/Central Agent estimates the expenses that will be incurred, depending on your itinerary (usually 20% to 30% of the charter fee) and this amount is added to the charter fee. This provides a bank account for the Captain, who makes expenditures on your behalf and keeps accurate records. It is to be noted that these expenses are not marked up. At the end of the charter, you will be refunded the difference, or the Captain will ask you to pay more during the cruise if further running costs are incurred.

As the contract is finalized, the largest part of the work starts, which is the preparation of your charter itinerary and preferences to ensure your every needs and wishes are met. Working closely with the captain and his crew, we will finalize the itinerary, organize the booking of berths as required, review in detail provisioning requirements including food and beverages, organize any side services required such as transports, restaurants/beaches reservations while we will keep in close contact with you and the captain all along the cruise to assist you and the crew so all your wishes are met.

Premium Yachts assist you before and during your charter, so all you'll have to do is step on board and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

How to book your charter yacht ?
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Before or after your charter, search for the best hotels and resorts, check the availability online and book your reservation.
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