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Whether charter your yacht is your primary objective, or you just wish filling in certain dates when not using it yourself, offering your yacht for charter enables to maximize your asset revenue and offset operational costs. Equally it keeps your crew motivated, thus ensuring that you keep the best crew members season after season, while your yacht benefits from a higher level of activity. Least but not the last, establish a solid reputation of your yacht in the global charter marketplace contributes enhancing its re-sale value.

However, successful charter marketing is a complex operation and requires considerable expertise and resources to ensure that your yacht is commercially effective, legally sound in its charter operations and your objectives are met.

No matter where in the world your yacht is, Premium Yachts has the knowledge, expertise and experience to make your yacht successful on the charter market, enabling you to sit back, relax and reap the financial benefits, while your captain and crew keep focused on maintaining your yacht and pamper guests on board.

Giving you and your yacht personalized attention and with a dedicated contact committed to all aspects of marketing your yacht and building long term relationships, Premium Yachts provides comprehensive innovative yacht charter marketing and management services, to produce very high quality communication and marketing materials, ensure your yacht is effectively marketed toward an international clientele and the worldwide community of charter brokers, all enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently, and to provide you and your crew lifecycle support in every administrative and organization aspects.

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How to book your charter yacht ?
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Before or after your charter, search for the best hotels and resorts, check the availability online and book your reservation.
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